You've always wanted to write...

but can you cook up a good story?

If you have lots of good stories in your head -- but can't seem to get them down on paper -- then maybe you need some professional writing knowhow.

Thousands of people like you with the desire to write have developed their talent with a Famous Writers Course. This unique Course has been prepared by some of America's most successful professional writers. And you're personally guided every step of the way by a skilled instructor who's a professional writer or editor.

You study at home, on your own schedule, following an organized learning plan.


You'll learn how to get your reader's attention. How to keep his interest high And how to wind up with a smashing ending she won't forget. You'll be writing with skill and flair... professionally.

How the Famous Writers Course works

You are a "class of one"

When you enroll in the Famous Writers Course, you start writing at once!

Here's what you will receive

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How the Famous Writers Course works

The Famous Writers Course is a unique system of writing training in which you are taught by professional authors and editors--in your spare time, without leaving your home. It's a complete course of study which starts with basic principles gleaned from the knowledge of some of America's best-known writers--presented in a set of handsome textbooks. Through your Home Projects and Assignments you hone your skills in every aspect of writing, under the guidance of instructors who give you personalized help with each piece of writing you do.

Writing today offers deep personal fulfillment and many rewards. Whatever your reasons for wanting to write, with the Famous Writers Couse you can develop your talent naturally and enjoyably, and prepare for the many opportunities in the wonderful world of writing!

When you enroll in the Famous Writers School you will enjoy an experience such as you have never known before. The writers who prepared the Course have enriched it with their rare wealth of knowledge and special insights into the craft of writing--and they are passing on to you their writing techniques. Using these time-tested methods, you can master thoroughly and quickly practical skills it would otherwise take years for you to acquire. In fact, you might never acquire them!

From the day you enroll in your Famous Writers Course you are treated as an individual personality-- a "class of one". The individual guidance and direction you receive in this Course help you achieve your fullest creative potential and develop your own writing style.

Studying in your own home and in your spare hours has many advanges. You lose no time traveling back and forth to class. You don't have to scoop up your work when a classroom bell rings, leaving your thoughts hanging in mid-air. There are no distractions--nothing to keep you from writing when you feel like writing. You are on your own schedule, setting a pace that's right for you. If you like to work slowly and thoroughly, you don't have to rush to keep up with a class. Or if you work rapidly, you needn't slow down to someone else's pace. And you work in a time and place of your own choosing, when you are at your creative best.

You are a "Class of One"...
The Famous Writers Course makes it possible for you to prepare for an exciting future without losing time from your present job or responsibilities. Studying at home, without distractions, enables you to progress rapidly. You work at your own pace, and you spend as much time as you need on each lesson, without having to adjust to the learning abilities of other students.

...with your own "Tutor" In his own quiet office, your instructor works on your assignment. He or she makes corrections right on your manuscript, showing you just where and how to improve your writing. Your instructor works with you much the way an editor does with a promising author--suggesting ways to tighten your organization, refining awkward constructions, helping you find techniques right for you.

When you enroll in the Famous Writers Course, you begin writing at once!
From your very first assignment you'll become thoroughly involved and eager to write. Teaching points are so clearly presented that you'll find yourself moving forward confidently, building your skills easily with a mounting sense of enthusiasm. Working from the first two volumes, you learn the essential principles of all good writing. The steps are so logically presented that a beginner can follow and readily absorb and use them. However, even advanced student writers find new challenges and excitement in these early lessons, for there is scope and depth possible in every assignment. Click for more

Then you specialize in Fiction or Non-Fiction and Feature Writing
After completing the first six lessons, you move into Fiction or Non-Fiction and Feature Writing, depending on your main interest. Each of these advanced elective programs has twelve lessons. You'll find detailed information on the subjects covered in these two Electives on the next two pages.
When you have successfully completed the 18-Lesson Course, you will receive a Certificate of Recognition, a document you will be proud to own and to display.

Here's what you will receive
As soon as you enroll, you will receive your complete Famous Writers Course --






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